August 2, 2012

The Last Things Thursday

 Let's just jump right in, shall we? Who has time to waste now-a-days, right? :)

A milkshake sounds reaaaaally good right now.
I really need to fold all that laundry that's sitting in the dryer.
I need to go to Home Depot tomorrow. 
Oh shoot I never emailed her back!
A milkshake sounds really good right now.

D did his first "Art Project" the other day and I couldn't believe how much he loved it. 
He got paint everywhere, but really -- who cares when the end piece looks so great? 
I'm definitely going to be one of those Moms who hangs their kids macaroni art on the fridge.
Totally hanging this in my art room where it belongs! :)
...and those little fingers are D's...two seconds later he ripped it down and started banging on it.

This sweater from Old Navy. So cute! They had one at J.Crew that was similar for like 
$90 (jigga whaaaat?), so I bought the cheap version instead. I LOVE IT! 

Some new perfume. I am OUT! Like really really out. I can't believe I let it get this far. 
I'm gonna smell like deodorant until I get some new stuff. 
I'm thinking Coach Poppy. 
Yup I need some of that ASAP! If only just so my hubby doesn't tell me I smell. 

Some errands around town. was glorious I tell ya - I showered and did my hair and everything.
I didn't even care that I was just going to Target, Michaels and the car wash. 
Jewelry C/O Myself (aka NEON & NUDE) ;)

Ok - confession time. I'm afraid of my basement (well any basement actually). I just HATE going down there. The other day, I had to go down there to get something (after I send my dog down before me of course), and I hear this BAM! BAM!...I literally high-tailed it out of my basement, shut the door and ran up to my second story in my house. Come to find out later, my dog had knocked over a box with some things in it. I really thought I was going to die. 
I know...pathetic..but oh so very true. 

(Besides at myself for the above idiocracy)
This video cracked me up. I dunno why. But it did. And now I'm making you watch it. 

Enjoy your Thursday AND your weekend!! Holla! 

P.S. I could NOT get the Linky Tools thing to work, so if you ARE linking up, leave a link in the comments below so I can check it out! SO SORRY! Boooooozer!
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  1. Love that sweater! and LOVE Old Navy :)

  2. Linking up. :)

  3. Jigga whaaat? BAHAHAHA!

    I'm in love with that sweater, and now I want it too.

  4. Omg, I'm scared of my basement too! Which sucks because the laundry is down there. In our house hunt I've been hoping to get either a finished basement (to ward off the creepies) or a main level laundry room to avoid going to the basement at all ;)

  5. i feel the same way about our garage as you do about your basement. if we had basements in texas i would be afraid of ours too. if i must go in there, i open the door and run in and out as quickly as possible. i also turn on the light a few minutes before i have to go in to give whatever may have decided to venture out has time to run back to it's hiding place. ew.

  6. what a cute art project! and Julian smith is SOOOO funny

  7. I am in love with that sweater! I saw that similar one at JCrew and fell in love, now that I know that you can get something similar at Old Navy I'm going as soon as I get home from vacation!

  8. I'm scared of basements too! My grandma keeps cookies in the deep freeze in their basement and it's like torture just trying to get a cookie! I flip on the lights, run down the stairs, grab whatever cookies are on top and then fly back up the stairs.

  9. you're making me want a milkshake :) And Davis' artwork is too cute!

  10. Oh my goodness - I just love Davis' artwork! That's such a fabulous idea... I'll have to remember it when I have my own little ones running around :)

  11. I'm featuring this project in my post scheduled for tomorrow! :)


  13. This is a really cool idea, I've actually never seen it before, maybe I'll join one week. And that art project looks awesome!!

  14. I LOVE that artwork! What a neat way to display his creativity at that age! I'll join your link up party next time :).

  15. Now that looks like a real piece of art, I'd definitely hang it my apartment! Great idea.

  16. I really like that piece of art. Should try that with my kiddo soon!


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