October 5, 2012

Friday Favorites

 I feel like doing a little dance because I NEED this weekend like nobody's business!
What better way to kick it off then with one of my favorite link-ups from my favorite girls!?

Oooooh I love me some Fall TV Shows. My two faves are Revolution and The New Normal! I think Revolution will be a good replacement for the empty hole that Lost left me with. I'm not really sure why I like it so much..it's kinda cheesy..but it's very entertaining..and a little scary to think of a world like that (cause maybe it could actually happen?).  And The New Normal is just dang funny! I know when I actually LOL (like for real out loud..not just saying I did), then it's a keeper! :)

I mean..really? Doesn't this looks just want to make you cozy up by a fire? I want the whole thing! And you KNOW she's got on some brown leather boots on with those leggings, right? :)

PLUM. PLUM & MORE PLUM! I love love plum for the fall. It looks dark, but I promise...it looks good on just about everyone! Dark, light, fair, tan...yup..you can rock it!! 

White Chicken Chili is where it's AT, my friends.
I can't rave about this chili enough. I could eat it EVERY. DAY. With my fluffy socks on. In my pajamas. Watching reality TV. Snuggling up under a blanket with my hubby. 
Yup. This soup does ALL that. :)

Sorry. I had to. I just can't get enough. He is totally in his happy place here--
Outside. Sunglasses on. Running free. Doesn't get much better than that!

Come & link-up with Lindsay!

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  1. I love the new normal! The little girl's impressions get me every time.

  2. I'm not going to lie. Davis is the best thing about this post! What a little looker!

  3. so fun! I'm so excited for fall!! :)
    new follower**

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  4. I've been watching Revolution... I like it so far! And Vegas.

    Mmm White Chicken Chili. Yum!


  5. i love that fall lipstick. i just got that color and i love it.

  6. i just started watching the new normal! cracks me up everytime!! (the obama mama episode was biiiit to political for me though, luckily they kept me laughing!!) Totally agree with Rachel, the little girl is hilarious!

  7. I thought the same thing about Revolution and Lost. It completely scares me to think about something like that really happening. Then all those "doomsday prepper" people will be laughing at all of us.

    That picture of Davis is TOO cute!

  8. Your favorites are pretty dang awesome if I do say so myself! I haven't watched either of those shows but they sound good! That white chicken chili looks delicious! Do you make it yourself? If you do.. I definitely would love a recipe :D

  9. I am enjoying Revolution a lot, haven't seen The New Normal, so now I must watch it (thank goodness for ondemand), ABSOLUTELY want that sweater, am going to try the chili this week, am going to have to buy some of the lipstick tomorrow, and think Davis is adorable in this photo!

  10. you will have to check out parenthood! I have watched it from the beginning but it is my fall favorite!

  11. Um I need that chili in my life. Now. And I'm obsessed with the new normal .... I love it!!!! Thanks for linking up Jenna!! Great faves!

  12. That outfit is so cute and cozy! My favorite fall shows are grey's anatomy, new girl and parenthood. happy fall!

  13. I think Ive pinned that outfit like 6 times because I love it so much. So cute!

  14. I am loving revolution too, soo good. Yum, I love white chicken chili. It is officially soup season!!!

  15. Ok, favorite fall look is amazing. So makes me want hot chocolate by the fire on a rainy fall day! And yes, she totally is wearing brown leather boots. Of course she is.

  16. Just had to come back for a follow-up. I LOVE The New Normal!!! I have even watched some episodes more than once already! It is absolutely my favorite new comedy! I also bought the Revlon Black Cherry lipstick and have worn it 3 times already - perfect fall color! Oh, and dinner tonight...the chili! Can't wait for your next favorites! :)


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