November 6, 2012

Happy Voting Day // A Neon & Nude Special!

I actually thought about not voting today (for some reason I'm feeling just MEH about this election), but then I thought about how I'd feel later down the road if I didn't vote. I mean, we have the RIGHT to vote - and not many other countries do. Even just as a have that right is pretty rare. feel the need to vote. 

Whatever your political stance is...just VOTE. Rock it out, girls!

And if you do...........

Make sure to tag me @JENNATHEWIFE so I know you tweeted it/instagrammed it!! 


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  1. does it include sponsor spots too?!

  2. Awesome!! That is a fabulous way to get us ladies to get out and vote!

  3. Love this idea! I think its so important to go out and vote!

  4. I voted ... but we didn't get any stickers :(


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