November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I planned to start this LAST Thursday..but doesn't work out how you want it to.

SO here we November..the month of Thanksgiving. I TRY to be thankful all year for everything I have, but's hard to stop and take the time.

So I'm stopping. And taking the time.

To say what I'm thankful for. In a time where people are struggling in so many ways, I feel like I am truly blessed. Now, my life is not by ANY MEANS perfect..but I have all the basics to make me happy.


My Mom's health right now. Not perfect, but she is healthy & happy. SO SO SO thankful for that. 

A HUUUUUGE one is my hubby who works SO HARD for me to be able to stay home with D. Without him and his awesome job, I would not get to see all the little moments Davis has every day. Thankful. 

For my baby (well, toddler I guess). Obviously. I mean..this kid is the best thing that has EVER happened to me. Yesterday, I was looking at him and was still in shock that he's MINE. Like mine forever. If I had nothing but him & my hubby - my life would be just fine. Thankful. 

For having all the essential things to live a daily life. A roof over our heads, clean water, a toilet/toilet paper, a daily (well..every two or three days lately) shower, groceries....all that. Truly truly thankful.

Chocolate..glorious chocolate. Nuff said. Thanfkful. 

My family. And all they are and all they do for me, my hubs and D. Thankful.

Naptime. I am so dang thankful for naptime. Ahhhh precious naptime. Thankful. 

This post from Erin. I could NOT stop laughing reading the comments last night. Ok, seriously some are a little scary...but some are freakin' hilarious. Wowza. Thankful for that fo sho. 

My hubby's grandpa. He had a scare this week...and I'm SO HAPPY he is ok. Love that guy. 

That' s all for today. I'll be back next Thursday with some more things I'm thankful for.

Leave it in the comments - I'd love to hear!! 

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  1. That post from Erin was so funny. Dan was reading some with me and we were cracking up so hard!!!

    Happy Thursday!!!

  2. i laughed till had a tears on a couple of the comments on erin's blog. and then some really made me sad.....

    anyways, susan @ is having a link up every thursday to share what we are thankful for. we would love for you to link up!

    omg yes. i am so very very thankful for chocolate.

  3. That picture is awesome!! Too cute!

  4. I love how close knit and awesome your family is! And your hubby is a gem...I love when guys work hard to allow their wives to be mamas! And OMG that post about the secrets.....this is going to entertain me for the rest of my work day (dont tell!!)

  5. What a great list of thankful items!! You are so right about being thankful all year but I am so THANKFUl for this time of year to help us be reminded of what we do have.

    Also, I am offering a giveaway on my blog if you are interested! It is in support of small businesses! Take a look!

  6. I love that: reflecting on the fact that Davis is yours forever! Such a blessing :) Love ya girl!!

  7. Hey there! Great post, and although I do not have a child, I am also very thankful for chocolate and naptime! :) Thanks for linking over at my blog! I'm now your newest follower! Happy Thursday dear! :)

  8. You're a girl after my own heart being thankful for Nap Time! Haha. This is a lovely post.
    I'm always thankful for the health and happiness of myself and my loved ones.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. What a great post - you and your family are so beautiful!

  11. i am thankful for my family too and especially my husband and baby bump.

    and chocolate, who isn't thankful for that?


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