December 7, 2012

A Gift Guide for The Beauty Lover

 I don't know about you...but sometimes buying gifts for other people is hard. I mean, it SHOULD be easy...but then you have to think about what THEY actually want. Not just what you THINK they would want. Without blatantly asking them..."Ummm what do I get you?"

So..hopefully this helps you out a wee bit! I know I would L-O-V-E to get any of these as gifts (ahem...hint hint) :) These would be great for your friend, Mom, Sister, or just that person who "has everything" they need. They'll be needing this stuff too, I promise. ;)

{1} NARS SET ($75) - Yes, it's a bit expensive..but it's TOTALLY worth it. I mean, it'd usually be like $110 for all of this. It includes my favorite blush (Orgasm) of all time. And that bronzer is kick-butt awesome. It's really ALL good. 

{2} BLISS LEMON & SAGE BODY SCRUB ($36) - This stuff is seriously amaaaazing. I could eat it cause it smells so good. But don't. Just buy it and thank me later. :)

{3} BENEFIT HIGH BEAM ($26) - I think I've raved about this stuff a time or two. But in the Winter especially, it's a MUST HAVE. It gives you that nice glow. You can mix a little in with your liquid foundation too and it makes it even awesome-er. 

- My fave nailpolish brand..hands down. Right now I'm loving that color, Dusty Rose Pink. It is a great everyday color...and beautiful this time of year.

{5} URBAN DECAY NAKED 2 EYESHADOW PALETTE {$50} - If you didn't have the first Naked palette, this is your chance to get on the boat. I LOOOOOOOVE this palette. The eyeshadow colors are beautiful, they work well on EVERYONE (yes EVERYONE) and it lasts forrrreeeevvveerr (who thinks of the Sandlot when you say that?)

{6} CLARISONIC MIA ($149) - Yes, I know. It's pricey. But is it worth EVERY single penny? Yup. And then some. This will do wonderful things for your skin, people. It gets deeeeeep down into your skin to clean/cleanse/break down dirt. You'll never go back to washing your face with just soap & water again. 

{7} PHILOSOPHY CANDY CANE SHOWER GEL/BUBBLE BATH ($16) - I mean. This stuff. Just plain heavenly. Who doesn't want to bathe in Candy-Cane-smelling-goodness? I do. Fo sho. 

{8} COACH POPPY PERFUME ($65) - This is such a perfect scent. It's not too fruity, and not too heavy. It's got a little flower smell to it, and I wear this ALL the time. It's the PERFECT girlie gift.

So there you have it!! Now get to shopping!! Anything you would add to the list? 

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  1. I always borrow my friend's high beams from their makeup bags and love it! Maybe Santa will bring me some of my own this year!

  2. 5 and 6 are now on my wish list! Eeeek thank you Jenna! Your beauty tips are always superb!

  3. I want a clarisonic soooo bad! One day I'll splurge... one day.

  4. I need a clarisonic-- and that Coach perfume, I might need to try that-- I've been shopping for a new scent! LOVE YOU!!

  5. I LOVE Coach Poppy. I got it 2 Christmases ago and still wear it all the time!!

  6. I have been hearing how amazing the Naked eyeshadow is. I think I am going to take the plunge and buy it!

  7. Awesome ideas! And so wonderfully girly!!!

  8. I {heart} Coach Poppy perfume! Definitely me favorite!


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