January 30, 2013

$75 Forever 21 Giveaway & Some Awesome Sponsors!

Yes, it's that time again. Time you get to meet some AWESOME new sponsors. Oh...and did I mention they all pooled their moola together and are giving you guys a chance to win $75 to Forever 21!? I mean..come on...do you know how much swwwweeeeet stuff you can buy for $75? A lot. Like 5 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, 2 skirts, 1 pair of shoes, and like oodles of jewelry. Not that I would know from experience or anything! :) 

So, lets show 'em some love, shall we? 

I asked the girls to tell us about their LOVE STORIES...being as it's almost the Month of Looooove! I know I love a good love story, don't you

Almost three years ago, I graduated college (Go Buckeyes!), broke up with my ex-boyfriend, and moved to Las Vegas. I had accepted the only job that I had been offered and figured that I'd come out west, work a few years and then find a job in a location that I was more interested in. 

Vegas was never in my original plans and I definitely didn't come out here looking for love. There are so many tourists in this town that it's often hard to meet locals and even harder to find a half-decent man to date. Most guys you run into in Vegas are either in the "industry" (bartenders mostly, or worse, nightclub promoters) or aspiring MMA fighters... not really what I was looking for, so I figured that I would be single for awhile. 

It always happens that whenever you stop looking, you end up finding what you were looking for. After being in Vegas for two months, I had already given up on the dating scene. So one night after work, I headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch some football and grab a beer by myself, just to get out of the house.

I'm sitting at the bar, eating my wings and drinking my beer when this really cute guy walks up to me. He's dressed in a flightsuit and there with some friends. He gives me that line, "so, what are you doing here all by yourself?" and pulls up a seat beside me. We talk for the next two hours, even after his friends leave him, and find out that we have a lot in common. He does the same thing that my brother does for the Air Force and before he walks me out of the bar, he asks for my number. 

I give it to him, but I'm skeptical that he'll really ever call.  Five minutes after leaving the restaurant, I get a text message.... "Would you like to go out to dinner tomorrow night?"
We went on our first date August 11th, 2010. I took him to a work party a few days later. We went on a weekend trip to LA a week or so after that. I had moved in with him by the end of that October. He brought me home with him to meet his family both Thanksgiving and Christmas that year. Sometimes it's so effortless and easy and you just know when something is good. We've raised a puppy together (our white lab Roxanne) and made ourselves a home together in Vegas. 

Loving each other is easy, but we've been through a lot that wasn't. We've survived a deployment to Afghanistan and quite a few sets of training sessions that take him away from home for months at a time. Currently he is in training for a new part of his career that will continue to take him away from home even more often, but hopefully for shorter spans of time. 
It's not always easy to be in love with a man in the military, but as far as I'm concerned, it is 100% worth it. I'm a lucky girl :)
I met my husband when I was 19 and working in childcare.  He came to visit his old boss that he kept in contact with.  Earlier in the day my boss had asked me if I wanted lift tickets.  I took them even though I was pretty sure I wouldn't be using them and I told her that too.  When Sean came to visit her, she was showing him around and introduced us.  She even asked if I wouldn't mind giving him the lift tickets.  Of course I didn't and he said something cheesy along the lines of "I will love you forever, thanks".  I was hooked! I told her I thought he was cute and it took him a month to call me!! I forgave him and we are going on 11 years together! 

In March 2008, the Lord led me to an amazing body of believers. It was a small community at the time...about 50 people...in the process of planting a church. After attending 1 service, I knew God led me there for a reason and immediately joined forces with this dynamic group of church planters on a mission to make God known in the community. 2 weeks after attending that first service, I met him. My husband. We ended up serving in the same ministry. From the very beginning, there was just something about him. His gentle spirit. His sense of humor. His willingness to serve. His love for the Lord. 
We played cat & mouse for about 4 months. I had a feeling he was interested in me. But I did my best to keep my distance. To guard my heart. Because, after all, I wasn't positive that he was interested.
 One day in July, I received a text from him. He wanted to play a little game of 20 questions. ;) The rules were as follows: He got to text the first question. I answer & follow with a question.The first few questions were pretty light. What's your favorite color? Favorite song? Favorite food? Etc. And that continued until 11 that night. The last question (from him): Are you attracted to me? So the cat was finally out of the bag. And our whirlwind courtship began.

Make sure to go visit their blogs & show 'em some love. They're cuties, I tell ya. Now...for the GIVEAWAY!

AAAAND A HUGE THANK YOU to Laura who gave $ to the giveaway...even though she is taking a break from blogging...but STILL decided to keep her $ in this giveaway! I mean...sweetheart or what? Love ya girl!!


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