February 1, 2013

Five Things Friday

I feel like every time I sit down to write a blog post these days, I have so much crapola dancing around in my head, that I can't think straight. I have really been trying to live my motto this year to "Stop the Glorification of Busy" but sometimes...I am truly busy and I can't help it. So to help my brain out a little, here are FIVE THINGS that are currently bouncing around in there.

{1} TRYING TO GET READ FOR MY TRIP TO MEH-HEE-CO tomorrow morning! EEK! I'm so excited. I really just want to get the heck outta this friggin' snow! And I think my hubby is excited to not have to shovel the driveway (bless him for doing that though) every night. I fully plan to do nothing Just going to soak up the sun, lay around, drink & eat tons of food! Ole!

{2} SPEAKING OF FOOD, YES...I'M STILL A VEGETARIAN. Some of you have been asking how my vegeterianism is going. And save for one piece of salmon (because I was at a steakhouse and there was no other option), I am still off meat. I feel great! I feel lighter, and have lost 2 WHOLE pounds. Hehe. No, it's actually really great...I am liking how I'm feeling - which is a huge reason for doing it. So thanks for asking! :)

{3} DO YOU USE VINE? I know all of our Instagram feeds were filled with pics of people's Vine profiles (mine included). This new app (only available on Iphone....GASP!) that takes 6 second videos/little mini GIF's. It's pretty entertaining & fun...but I'm not sure if it will catch on like Instagram. Thoughts? Hate it? Love it? Will you use it? If you do use it & love it, my username is Jenna The Wife (shocker). 

{4} SUPER IMPORTANT QUESTION (OK, NOT REALLY)..WHICH NAILPOLISH SHOULD I PAINT MY NAILS FOR MEXICO? I know it's a pressing question..almost earth-shatteringly important. :) I just cant decide! HELP! 

I have all 3 of these - I just can't decide! 1, 2 or 3? 

{5} I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW WHEN THE POST ABOUT ALT SUMMIT WILL HAPPEN. I've been so busy, and I seriously have about 400 pics from it to go through. I had every intention of doing it yesterday, but I just barely got my computer back. Then I realized NONE of my pictures (that my bro-in-law had recovered) were in ANY folders. They are all a huge freakin' jumble. There are 4,398 pics to go through. Some aren't even my pictures. It's really fun. Oh wait...no it's not. But atleast most of my pics are back! Brightside, right? 

I seriously learned so much at ALT. It's still all sinking in. I absolutely NEED to post about it, but until I do...here are a couple of my fave pics from the awesome event! 
Thanks to Nicole, Alycia, Diana, Kelsey, Jenny, Emily & Alissa for making my ALT experience so much fun!

Until next week.....see ya on the flip side...and hopefully I'll have a tan! 
Ha - who am I kidding --- I'm gonna be a burnt ginger!


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  1. have so much fun in mexico! and i can see why the nail polish is a hard decision ...the mint is my favorite but i'd just match it to your favorite outfit you'll wear there - the yellow is bright and fun and makes me think sun and beach while the neutral is a little more sophisticated ... sorry that was no help .

  2. looks like you had an awesome time at Alt! i'm hoping to go to the one in NYC in june! fingers crossed! :)

    also, i tried to download Vine on my work iPhone...no dice. has to be iOS5...ugh! (i feel old and outdated! ha)

  3. mexico! oh my have so much fun! going through alt stuff was a lot! there really are a million pictures!

  4. So jealous you are going to Mexico and getting out fo the cold! So wish I was going too! I am loving either choice 1 or 2 for nail polish. I always like a little pop of color on my nails:) Hope you have th best trip!

  5. paint color #1 duh! have so so much fun in mexico!

    xo, Courtney

  6. I say #2 - it is cheery and screams out Mexico to me :) Hope you have a fabulous trip and I can't wait to hear about ALT whenever you have the chance :)

  7. Have fun!! And I'm between 1 & 3 on the polishes!!

  8. I downloaded and signed up for Vine but I haven't posted anything yet. The creepy thing though is that I gained a lot of followers within 24 hours and majority of them are either spam or porn accounts!

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  9. I hope you have a blast in Mexico! I'm so jealous! And can't wait to hear about the ALT conference! I have never been to a bloggers conference believe it or not and I cannot wait to go to one!!! Maybe if I stop having babies, one day;) xoxo have a great weekend Jenna

  10. I don't think I will get a vine. I have a blog, I have twitter, I have instagram. It's too much already. I don't want to overdo it online. Lol.

  11. haha good job on staying true to eating no meat! That would be hard for me, but still doable. I'm celebrating a whole year of no gluten today. But im so craving a panera bagel...
    I thought vine was so cool, and then i got all these random followers. Boo. So i stopped using it.
    Go with the minty green nail color and then switch to yellow in april! :-)
    Have fun in Cabo!

  12. glad to hear that you're still on the veggie train! and super jealous of ALT. maybe I'll get there one day

  13. Take me with you to Mexico, haha! I've always wanted to go haha, maybe one of these days. Hope you have an amazing time, and I would so go with nail polish #3 :D

  14. I know how you feel girl. I've felt the same way. I just can't get my brain to zone in enough! And I vote for Nail Polish #3 :) Have fun in Mexico! It's my fav :)

  15. uggggg have so much fun and get a tan, because we all know that's not happening where you live!

  16. Have a ball! Can't wait to hear more!

  17. This is probably waaay late but I'm hoping to see some pics of adorable mint toenails at the beach.

  18. Hope you are having lots of fun!!! (And only drinking bottled water) =)

  19. Dying over that picture of me and you with the fortune cookie!


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