February 14, 2013

Oh Hey...It's Valentines Day

Awwww the day of love. 

I am not a fan advocate of good 'ol Vday, actually. I think it's a little cliche. But it is nice when my hubby surprises me with something (usually it's something I've been hinting at a LOT - so he is a good listener...I'll give him that)! 

And I loooove anything red and anything with hearts on it...so I'm kinda a sucker in that way.

So, I thought I'd share some of my loves & my favorite beautiful "hearted" things!

Hello Sweater (I already have the blue one...but it's the comfiest sweater ever..so of course I need two!) // Heart Studded Shoes // Baby Arrow Leggings 

Weird Card (did you know POOP is my favorite word ever? I know..I'm 4) // 
Heart Chalk Decals // Nail Art (which I sooo want to do..but probably wont have time for)

Make Out Pillow (cause who doesn't need one of those...I mean, really?) // 

Also, Happy Valentines Day to my hubby...I'm so glad you didn't do THIS to your back for my present. No, no, really. I'm good. I'll just take the flowers. 
And Happy Valentines Day to you guys! I hope it's filled with love...
but most of all...I hope it's filled with chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

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  1. you look so cute! adore all of these photos
    kw ladies in navy

  2. I want a hello sweatshirt!!! I maybe have to buy one now :)

  3. so adorable!!
    I have been eyeing Hello gear for awhile now!!!
    I WANT one so bad!!!

  4. Love the poop card!!! Made me smile!

  5. that harry back is pretty awesome :)

  6. I'm wearing my red hello sweatshirt right now! :) Happy Day!

  7. Love all your pics!! I am obsessed with the baby arrow leggings and have all the stuff to try a DIY adult arrow legging but honestly I'm not really that crafty so we'll see if I can actually pull it off! Ha!!!

  8. I want one of those sweatshirts! Ah!

  9. Love all of the Valentine's Day themed pictures!! Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Yay for good listening hubbys :D

  10. you look lovely!

    pls join my giveaway to win Firmoo Glasses or a voucher:

  11. LOVE all of this and that PILLOW melts me! Hope your doing well my friend xoxo

  12. LOVE all of this and that PILLOW melts me! Hope your doing well my friend xoxo


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