June 10, 2013

Six Random Things

1. Davis climbed out of his crib this weekend. Oh joy! I happened to be watching him "nap" on the monitor, as he tried and tried (and tried) to climb out of his crib. On the 7th time - he succeeded. I ran up to his room & was like...oh crap - this is happening. So we have been looking for  a new bed for this almost-two-year old!

Also - - where did you get your twin bed from? I want something gender neutral so we can use it for the next baby!
AND...thanks to all of you peeps on Instagram who told me to go straight for a twin bed!! We WILL be doing that!!

2. You guys. My skin is breaking out like crazy with all of these prego hormones!! I'm dyyyying (I feel like inserting #whitegirlproblems - but I wont)!! ;)

When I was pregnant with D, I had THE WORST acne on my neck and back. It was pretty friggin' disgusting. I REFUSE to let that happen again. Any suggestions of things/products/food you've tried that WORKED to get rid of your acne?
Do tell. My face thanks you in advance.

3. I am SO EXCITED to start decorating Baby Girl's nursery!! Also...coming up with a girl name is NOT as easy as I thought. I have a list of about 15 names - and I don't really love any of them! Whyyyyy is it so difficult? Yeesh!

But I've waited my whole life to have a girl & now I get to decorate an entire room in girl goodies! We are actually trying to finish our basement before she comes...so the nursery might have to wait a couple of months..but I've been pinning/dreaming up a storm! Also, have you ever been on Project Nursery? I luuuuurve that site! So much awesome inspiration!

This is from my little color inspo board so far....

4. I found the ULTIMATE Waterproof Liner from Makeup Forever. I went swimming in this in 90 degree heat, and after I got out of the pool - it was still on. I love this stuff. Like we might be in a relationship. Don't try and come between me and my eyeliner, I tell ya.

P.S. I use brown in the Summer so it's not so dramatic.

 5. This video of D. I just love his face!

6. Davis' Birthday (T W O) is next week!! I'm not doing a big party like I did last year. And I'm feeling super guilty about it. And I can't stop thinking about it. And I feel like I should just throw one together quickly. And I'm making myself cray-zay. So there's that. I DID buy him this shirt which I'm pretty excited about!

But that's the extent of my "party planning" this year. Should I be feeling THIS guilty??!! Yikes-a-bee.


So, that's pretty random schtuff, eh? 
Happy Monday, peeps! 


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  1. i die for toddler babbling and baby giggles.
    lord help me!

  2. mario badescu is my lifesaver! Their skin care products are gentle but kick acne's butt. I use the buffering lotion for cyctic acne, and the drying lotion for other pimples. They are the best spot treatments I've ever bought, which is saying a lot from a girl who has had constant acne for 8 years!

    You can go online to their site for a skin survey which recommends products, or they sell it at Nordstrom and Ulta as well.

  3. I had pregnancy acne during the first half of my pregnancy and it was just the WORST!! I so badly wanted my dermatologist to just prescribe crap that would take it away, but of course he couldn't! It was so frustrating to not be able to use a lot of products because they could be harmful to the baby. Hopefully yours goes away soon!!

  4. eeeeek I can't even imagine how fun it will be to decorate a baby girl nursery!!! I am crazy and want to start pinning things I see on Pinterest because I WILL have a girl some day :) hehe

  5. Congrats on pregnancy #2!

    I used tea tree oil from the Body Shop to clear up my pregnancy acne (face/chest). It worked so well for me. Now I still use the body wash when I notice a problem here & there.

    Good luck!

  6. I would think you could use coconut oil on your face and it would help. I know it's a great moisturizer :)

  7. i am no help with the acne although i have heard coconut oil is a miracle worker for just about everything ;)

    we didn't do a bday for our daughter when she turned 2, mostly b/c our 2nd was born 2 weeks prior and i just didn't have it in me to worry about a party. we got her a giant cupcake and sang and she was happy. you could do like a playdate bday party if you wanted to do just something fun and easy. i'm think for the next round of bdays we will do a park visit + cupcakes and call it a day :)

  8. We did a HUGE party for Braxton's 1st Bday, but the 2nd one I was 8.5 mo prego and we decided to just do something with our little family. I loved it, we actually got to focus on Braxton and celebrating him instead of stressing over party details. So don't feel guilty, just enjoy cute little Davis, cause after all this will be his last Bday that he will have his Mom & Dad's attention ALL to himself!

  9. The only thing you can do about the acne is find something that works for you and just keep with it. It is like we get a whole new set of skin and skincare problems when we are pregnant.

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