July 15, 2013

Instagram is Making Me Fat & Poor

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Instagram. I can't help it. I post a pic almost every day, because I just love it so. I find myself taking pics just so I can post them. I love looking at other peoples pics. I love seeing what's going on in everyone's life - and I love that Insta makes it so easy to do it (without feeling like a crazy person). Lately though, I've realized this one thing about my love:

Instagram is making me fat...and poor.

How, you say? It's just a social media app. How can an app possibly do that?

Ohhhh let me tell you, my friends. It's possible. And it's happening as we speak.

Let's start with how it's making me POOR. I scroll through my feed, and what do I see? Tons and tons of things that are begging, "buy me!"

It's partly my fault. But only partly. I'll see a giveaway or something, click on that profile, and immediately follow them because I fall in love with their stuff. It happens all the time. I get sucked into all the pretty pics..

von bon apparel

..and I start going on unnecessary shopping sprees. I can't TELL you how many things I've bought JUST because I saw it on my Insta feed. Seriously. TOO MANY THINGS!
They suck you in with their amazingly gawwwgeous pics, and you just think you HAVE to have it. It's the most genius form of marketing EVER.
hello apparel

little hip squeaks

I find SO MANY amazing companies/products/things I just HAVE to have (lately - it's all baby girl stuff!) just through my feed. It's taking a huge dent in my wallet - but then I kind of love it. It makes me happy to support smaller businesses and I feel like I'm getting something more unique. 
candy kirby designs

Not only can you follow a bunch of cute baby shops, but clothing stores, jewelry shops like Brina Box & deal sites like GroopDealz. It's bananas. They make it SO EASY for me to spend my hubbies hard earned money! ;) 
Plus, they are always doing a giveaway or a promotion - and I feel like I need to have to enter every single one (although I never win...I keep entering!). 
dream catcher baby

Don't even get me STARTED on just following my cute fashionista friends. They post a pic of them wearing these super cute outfits...and all  I have to do is click on the pic and WHOA! it tells me everything they got & where they got it! I have bought countless things just from seeing these girls rock an outfit on Insta (I'm talking to you - Lauren, Shannon, Sydney, Shannon, etc). These girls sure know how to rock a look that I just have to have. 
shannon willardson

It's hard to say no to things when it's so dang easy. Ya feel me on this one, girls?
Then, there's the FAT part. You people are so good at posting delicious pics of drool-worthy food that I suddenly have a craving for. Did I want a grilled cheese sandwich two seconds ago? Nope. But now I do. Did I want to make chocolate chip cookies today? Not at all. But now I'm gonna. 
I tell you - - I blame all of my Insta-peeps for my 10 pound weight gain the last month. Yup. It's all your fault (it has nothing to do with me, I'm sure).
So, stop posting pics of huge snow cones, ice cream sandwiches, and that yummy peach cobbler you made. I didn't even KNOW it was free Slurpee day until I saw it on someones Instagram pic. I would've avoided 7-11 altogether...but no. I saw it, so I wanted one. 
My friend Kelsey seriously posts the most amazing pics of food you've ever seen. I swear I keep telling her I'm going to unfollow her if she doesn't stop making me drool.
kelsey bang

Your trips to the Jelly Belly factory, Chocolate factory and to that delectable Cupcake Shop are making me want to run out and get whatever you post a pic of. It's infuriating and oh-so-good at the same time. How is that possible?!


If I didn't already have a baby, all the cute baby pics would probably make me want to run out and get one of those too! ;)

Ok, ok, so maybe this post is more about my lack of self-control right now. That's a possibility too. I guess I need to start following all of those health-focused people that eat right & workout. Hmmm....
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  1. Girl I feel you! I have to avoid Instagram before lunch or else I'll be starving!

  2. so true!!! I always see girls after they buy stuff from target or other fab places and im like, great, now i want to shop now! lol

  3. ok. you and i are like instagram soul sistas. this totally sums up my relationship with instagram. i love it! i have found the best little shops through instagram, that i have completely stopped shopping at the bigger well known stores. cause A. i love supporting smaller businesses, and B. you're right, i find waaay more unique things that i wouldn't ever find at the mall. seriously, i am constantly taking screen shots of things i NEED! my bank account hates me.

    whata fun post!

  4. I feel the EXACT same way - Instagram is horrible in the fact that it makes you impulsive...or jealous! Haha.


  5. I feel the same way, all the delicious instagram pictures are going to be the death of me ha ha!

  6. Great, now I'm going to be even more poor! Just started following a few of the ones you mentioned!

  7. Everytime i goon instagram i either find something i need to buy, or a recipe i need to try! its horrible! like seriously need help!!

  8. This could not be any more true to the T! I am the same way, inspired by all the drool worthy photos on instagram! Dang them!



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