July 18, 2013

$50 Giveaway to ALBION FIT!

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I have a confession (it seems like I always have one or two of those up my sleeve, lately). I've been a complete slacker on my workouts! I was pretty consistent doing yoga, running, etc. during my first trimester of this pregnancy. Then, I started having all of these fears that I was going to hurt the baby if I worked out. Irrational? Yes. Realistic? Nope. Not at all.

So the last week I've been really really getting back into it. Granted, I'm mostly just walking briskly and lifting small weights, but I'll take it. Working out is working out. I'm trying to keep this pregnancy as healthy as I can!

Funny story--I took this pic yesterday and posted it to Instagram, and I happened to be wearing my Albion Fit shirt I just bought last week. Then, I remembered I was doing a giveaway with them today...so it was quite the co-ink-a-dink! 

kind of  totally LOVE their workout clothes! I first heard about them last year, started buying their clothes online, and fell into workout-clothes-heaven! Then, they opened their flagship store in Utah at the beautiful City Creek Center - and I think I remember squealing a little bit!

Needless to say, I'm SUPER EXCITED about this giveaway with them!! I really feel like the clothes you wear make a HUGE difference in how you feel when you are working out. 

I feel so much more motivated when I am wearing something cute to workout in. 
Albion Fit's clothes just happen to be super cute. They totally make me feel better about 
working out! It's so weird how that works, right?

albion fit

They seriously have an amazing line of clothing made for women. They are designed to go from workout to leisure time..which definitely is right up my alley.

Their Illusion Pants are not only built tone & tighten, but they are so dang comfy - I have them - and BONUS, they make your booty look amazing! The Go Long Crew is one of my faves! It's great for lounging around after a workout, or for layering. Did I mention I love their clothes yet? I love them. There, I said it again.

albion fit giveaway

They also have a great collection of swimsuits - two pieces and one pieces!

Chances are, if you're like me, you've been all over the internet looking for swimsuits this Summer. I am partial to one pieces, as of late - and they have some really cute ones that are actually flattering! It's hard to find ones that aren't "mom-esque" or dowdy looking, if you know what I'm saying!

albion fit giveaway

So head on over to their website, look around, and see what you would spend that $50 on!
Then, come back and enter the giveaway so you can start workin' on your fitness! :)

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Giveaway will end July 26, 2013 and the winner will be announced that same day.

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  1. something about being pregnant is making my workout clothes not fit so well..haha! i'd love to win some new workout clothes!!

  2. This is a great giveaway! i have seriously have been on a really big lifestyle change and i am always running out of workout clothes! so some new cute ones will be great!! i love the tank on the top!


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