September 9, 2013

Four Seasons of Bucket Lists!

There's something about lists that I just LOVE. What is about having a list (on ACTUAL paper - not just on my phone) that makes me all giddy inside!? My organizing-obsessed mind does a little flip when it gets to make that little checkmark on a list!

It's a the best way to know that I'm gettin' stuff DONE.

Every year, I make bucket lists for our family to do. I feel like the seasons flyyyy by, and if I don't write down what I want to do - it'll never get done. Plus, it's so fun looking back at previous seasons and remembering what we did!

I thought I'd share with y'all each of the FOUR SEASONS of BUCKET LISTS I do each year!! I hope you love them, use them & will go and enjoy each season as it comes up!

bucket list

spring bucket list

summer bucket list

fall bucket list

winter bucket list
What's on YOUR BUCKET LIST this season?!
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  1. I love these lists, seriously so so cute! And I feel the same way about making a list of what you want to do each season, otherwise the time totally gets away from you! I actually wrote a post about this today as well...great minds think alike! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing these, they are cute and filled with such fun ideas!


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