September 12, 2013

The Last Thing Thursdays (it's baaaack!)

Waaaay back when, I used to do a little series linkup called "The Last Thing Thursdays"  (here & here for example). I loved it, but I stopped doing it because I couldn't keep up with it EVERY Thursday.

So I thought, what the hay, I'm gonna bring it back today. If you guys love it & want me to start making it a linkup party - let me know!
The hubs & I have been watching this all Summer. I have no idea why we like it. I have no idea why we keep watching it, talking about it & getting so excited about it. But we do. I am so rooting for GM to win the whole thing. I mean...who knew this crazy,outspoken, semi-annoying, but oh so funny girl would go so far?! Love it. Anyone else watch it?

Yes, I'm obsessed with Baby Lips. And they just came out with their Electro Line. I was a wee bit skeptical - but the colors are so bright & fun that I couldn't say no (and I bought them all). The Pink One is my fave - it's such a fun punch of color for these dreary rainy days!

I haven't made this since I was in Junior High. I forgot how delish they are! 
Recipe here.

F A L L 
Fall is for sure my fave Season right behind Summer & Spring (curse you Winter-no one likes you). I love the cozy sweaters, the beautiful leaves, the boots, the cuddling by the fire, the yummy recipes...LOVE IT ALL. Not a huge fan of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes..but I'll take a good Pumpkin Steamer or Pumpkin Choc Chip Cookie ANYDAY.

On top of about a list of 50 things on my "want" list...this hat just jumped to the very top. 
I just love the simplicity of it - and the fact that it has NO LOGO on it makes me happy!
Too bad it's back ordered until October!! I might just buy it anyway and wait.

Oh Miley. It's too bad your videos are horrible - cause your song for "Wrecking Ball" is pretty super might be my fave song right now. I watched her video, then saw this...and laughed out loud for real.

Rainbow Chip Cupcakes. NOT Funfetti. If you've never had Rainbow Chip Cupcakes/'re missing out. YES, they are INCREDIBLY un-healthy...but when you're gonna go for it..I say GO FOR IT ALL THE WAY!

Happy Thursday, loves!!

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  1. This sounds like a super fun link-up! I'd join in! :)

  2. I'd join in again! & I hope McCrae wins big brother! & if not him, Andy. McCrae actually lives like 20 minutes away from me, so he's a real hometown boy!

  3. I cannot wait for Fall! And all things PUMPKIN!!! I've been wanting to get the Baby Lips Electro ones but can't find them yet :( And those Sprinkle cupcakes sound delicious!!!!

  4. I am so PRO rainbow chip and so ANTI (but I mean I will still eat one) funfetti. Granted it doesn't make as big of a difference when it comes to the cake part but when it comes to the frosting??? RAINBOW CHIP BABAY!

  5. omg I have got to make that chex miz for Jon!!!!!!!

  6. OMG. I LOVE Big Brother! It is my favorite TV show! I have watched every season it has been on and I can't get enough of it! Out of everyone left, I really hope GM wins. I wanted Elissa to win overall but oh well!

    Samantha C.

  7. Ha! That parody is awesome!
    I'm so excited for fall too! I actually saw a tree today that was already changing colors and I had to take a picture of it!

  8. i want to link up to this sounds fun!

  9. This link up was the first one I ever participated in when I first started trying to grow my blog. I loved it! It was simple way to share things about my life and learn things about others. I'd love it if you brought it back. I'm excited about fall too! :)


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