January 23, 2014

Newborn Essentials Checklist

Ohhhh heeeeey there! Yes, I still run this blog. I just might be a wee bit busy these days. No big deal, just trying to get the hang of this whole TWO KIDS thang. Henley is F I N A L L Y napping good when she's supposed to (thanks to the genius that is a sound machine). So, I can finally get back to doing something I want to do - which is blog!

Speaking of that glorious sound machine (I got it here if you want one), I thought I'd help you first or second or third time Mom's out..and let you in on a little secret. Guess what? You don't need to buy the whole dang Babies R Us store. You will get by just fine with just buying SOME of the store. :)

So here ya have it, ladies (and men too). The nitty gritty (meaning no fluffy, expensive, things you don't really need crap) list of newborn essentials!


newborn checklist

Tell me...what was ESSENTIAL when you had your baby that you couldn't live without if you tried?!

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  1. Your list pretty much nailed it! Thanks for posting this! It was a good little reminder for me to make sure I have everything!! Def need to invest in a "good" thermometer!!
    Happy Thursday beautiful mama!

  2. My essential was the swaddler wraps with velcro, there was no way Annika could worm her way out of those (she managed to wiggle out of every swaddling blanket that we tried even when the nurses swaddled her when she was first born, she wiggled out). We bought a beautiful change table with a change pad and we rarely use it lol.

  3. Thank you! I will need this, hopefully sometime soon :)

  4. A water bottle for momma and coconut oil. Okay I think both are more for momma then baby but they are must haves for a mom with a newborn!! <3

  5. couldn't live without our swing. also BIBS! omg my baby spits up SO MUCH. we have about 20 and have to wash every 2 days. zip up sleepers. Mybreastfriend pillow. moby wrap (sometimes only place my baby will nap). and cloth diapers. LOVE my cloth diapers! Also, the halo sleep sac! best thing ever! and, I couldn't live without our changing table and baby bath tub- my baby's two favorite places!

  6. I adore you blog very much & I would love it if you checked out my blog :D



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