March 18, 2014

Life. Is. Crazy.

Awwww....the days when I only had ONE kid. They seem so long ago. Life has become a little overwhelming for me (if I'm being perfectly honest - which why wouldn't I - that's what this blog is for!).
I love my kids, oh yes yes I do. This time around, though, it has taken some major adjustments on my part.

Along with trying to potty train a 2 1/2 year old (3 weeks in & we are still not quite there--but I can see the end in sight!), running a household, trying to spend quality time with my hubby, squeezing in some time fore me...needless to say, life is busy. Priorities, people.

That being said, I feel like this blog & I have grown apart. It's possible I might be going through a blog divorce (is that a thing -- cause it is now). Right now...we are just "separated". But still on good terms. The things I used to want/need from it, I'm just not getting from it anymore. It's not fulfilling me. And I feel like if you're going to devote time to something, you should really really really love it. Time is a precious thing right now.

This blog has become second fiddle (as you might have noticed for those 3 people who still read this) to all of that. Don't fret, my cute friends. I still love blogging (but in different ways than I did before). I have been working on a BRAND NEW SITE with a WHOLE NEW NAME (say goodbye to Jenna The Wife -eeeeeeek!!)! I have been thinking, planning, etc. for months now. It's just barely happening that I'm FINALLY finding some breathing time to actually put my thoughts into action. It is definitely time for a REFRESH.

So..look for that in the coming months. I can't WAIT to share with you all what I've been working on.

For now, enjoy some recent pics of our Life Lately. Because even though my kids are the reason I'm crazy lately....I absolutely postively love them to death.
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D lovin' on Henley // St. Patty's Day Crepes
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Date night with the hubs // D being my shadow // Park Day with the Sister & her baby Hallie
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3 Month Old Henley // Bro & Sissy Love // Crazy Chaotic Every Day (aka the Poop Incident)

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I've had some of the most fun GNO lately! I'm so lucky to have an awesome support system that will take my kids & give Mama a much needed break sometimes! 
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Jumpin // Being 4 Months Old (NBD) // Couchin' It 

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  1. Cannot wait to see the new name as well as the new design! I am sure it will be wonderful.. I am loving the photos! Live looks like it has been fun with the little ones as well as with friends & family :)


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