June 16, 2014

30 Cool Things About Turning 30

turning 30

I remember back in elementary school, my favorite teacher EVER happened to be 30. She had red hair, a fun job, dressed super cute and I thought she was just so cool. I thought, man when I'm 30...I'm gonna be cool just like her. 

Well, today is my 30th Birthday!!!!!!! So, the big question is - do I feel COOL, now??

turning 30

Maybe I just really loved that teacher, but I just don't know if I feel all that "cool." Maybe more like when I was 19-24, I did. Back then, I KNEW I was just so dang awesome. Now, it's a different kind of cool. I'm cool in the sense that I cut Davis' sandwiches into dinosaur shapes. I'm cool in the way that sometimes I get to buy makeup from a department store. Cool in the sense that I make homemade chocolate chip cookies for my neighbors & they love me for it.

turning 30

turning 30
Cool just doesn't have the same meaning to me as it used to. And I'm totally ok with that.
I've learned to embrace a different kind of coolness.


1. Being able to afford nice furniture, instead of hand-me-downs.
2. Being a Mom is actually really awesome.
3. You're suddenly very comfortable with who you've become.
4. Finding your happy place.
5. Not dwelling on the stupid stuff.
6. Loving watching your kids accomplish things.
7. Owning the sexy that comes with knowing who you are. (Yes, the sexy. We all have it.)
8. Being content to just stay home on a Saturday night.
9. And being totally fine with going to bed at a reasonable hour.
10. Loving your parents even more, because they watch your kids for you.
11. Having 5 really good friends, instead of 30 sort-of good friends.
12. Having WAY more confidence than you ever did in my 20's.
13. Owning things, instead of renting them.
14. Finding your style.
15. Finding your VOICE.
16. Not taking crap from anybody like you did in your 20's.
17. You really find out what you're passionate about.
18. You really find out what you hate in life. And learn to avoid it, instead of just sucking it up.
19. Change isn't such a bad thing anymore.
20. Realizing how hard your parents worked to keep you alive, and actually appreciating them.
21. You don't have time for drama anymore.
22. And the drama you do have, is small stuff like being late for preschool dropoff.
23. You realize that no, you're not going to live forever. So you seize the hell out of each day.
24. You like feeling more grounded.
25. You've learned to treat your body better.
26. Actually liking exercise.
27. Because your body doesn't stay young forever either.
28. You've finally found a place to rest & be happy.
29. You can have your cake AND eat it too.
30. You're not dating anymore. Phew.

turning 30

Those are the things that are cooler to me than anything. Maybe it's not exactly what I thought it would be at 30...but it might be just a little bit better than I even imagined.

30 cheers to being 30, my friends!! It's gonna be a great year!!!

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  1. You are gorgeous birthday girl!!

  2. Happy Birthday pretty!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! And OMG I love this list! I'm hitting 30 in about 2.5 weeks and while a little ehhhh, I kind of love it. :)

  4. You LOOK fabulous! Loved meeting you & hanging out for a bit at Alt. You are a doll!

  5. Happy birthday! Welcome to the tricenarian club!


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