June 24, 2014

All Things Pineapple

I'm not only OB-sessed with eating pineapples right now, I'm totally obsessed with anything and everything pineapple! It's might be a disease, actually. Pineappleacidosis? Yup. I've got a major case of it.

So, behold...my current fave PINEAPPLE PICKS...straight from the grove to you.

Yup, I've already bought those shorts for Henley. They're from my friends shop, This Freckled Girl...and are currently on GroopDealz for just $22! I mean...score!

Tell me, are you as in love with all things pineapple right now as I am?

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  1. I adore all things pineapple! Not sure why- but it just makes me so happy : )

  2. Absolutely! Here are a few more for you - Tyler Candle Company in Pineapple Crush, J.Crew Factory Cami Dress covered in Pineapples and you can get a free pineapple background for your phone at Modcloth. Enjoy haha :)

  3. Pineapple prints seem to be everywhere right now don't they? I love the sweet iPhone case and t shirt! xx


  4. yes, i am obsessed with pineapple everything too!! great meeting ya yesterday!! can't wait to hang out more!

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. The pineapple print on this shirt is so surprising and the colors of dark, bit of yellow on the winter white foundation let me play with distinctive shades in pants and in skirts. By and by AT has scored an exemplary.


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