December 31, 2014


Oh hey there old friends of mine. I just couldn't end the year without posting a little year in review. I can't even begin to say how crazy this year has been. Emotionally its been a roller coaster (to say the least). But I'm going to look at it as a year that made me a stronger person. Truly. I look back and realize that I actually made it through (somehow I made it thruuuuu)!!! ;)

Davis turned 3!
Henley turned 1!
Traveled to Dallas, Bear Lake, St. George, Park City.
I started doing custom house illustrations for friends, one thing led to another, and now it's turning into such a fun little business!
Davis started preschool & soccer.
Henley started crawling in April & walking in November.
Ty & I both turned 30!

So, now enjoy some pics that I've so lovingly collaged for your viewing pleasure (but more for me, because really it's just for my ever-fleeing memory).

year in review

february year in review year in review year in review year in review year in review year in review year in review year in review year in review year in review year in review

Also, I posted a pic of a little project I did with Davis via Instagram, and some of y'all were asking for here it is below! Just print it and add pom poms or sequins! Easy peasy!! year in review Pin It


  1. Hi there! I just discovered your blog - love it! You have such a beautiful family! Your littlest one is adorable! We have an exciting upcoming year as we expect our first baby in May! So I'm happy to find new Mommy bloggers to follow! :)


  2. Hi, I am happy to see your blog. Your kids are too much beautiful in their rompers. I am really really to much happy.

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I seriously A D O R E each of your comments!! Your feedback & love make my heart happy!


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