November 29, 2011

I'm BLANK Because...

Today is a little "getting to know me" sesh. Since bringing Baby Davis into this world, my life has been pretty much all about him...which is a good thing, don't get me wrong! Once in a while, though, I need to take a step back and remember that I need a little me time too (that's what nap time is for, right? :)

So, I was inspired by Little Miss Momma (her blog is so great, by the way) to post a little something about me. It was actually a lot harder than I thought. I had to sit and think about ME, instead of my baby, the chores I need to get done, or the ten thousand other thoughts I have running around in my head at one time.

Here it is, folks. Me, in a little nutshell.

I'm WEIRD because...

I don't eat the outside of my pizza crusts, no bread crusts, and no, not even the outside of a cookie.

I eat cereal any time of the day.
I can NOT sleep with sockies on my feet (ha..sockies is what I say now since I had a baby!)
I have hyper anxiety about some crazy murderer breaking into my house EVERY night.
I never make my bed unless company is coming over.

I am not a hugger. Unless provoked :)
I always feel bad for the sad little Christmas trees that never get chosen.
I do calf raises in my shower to get a little exercise in.
I have to have one leg out of my bed and one leg under the covers to fall asleep.
I have OCD about almost everything I do in life (I re-typed that sentence six times).
I love the Kardashians.
I have to turn a light on before I go into any room.
I have to have all my clothes in my closet be color coordinated.
I have a perma-no teeth smile when I watch TV.

I'm a BAD FRIEND because...

Sometimes I forget to call people back.
I forget birthdays.
I will forget what we talked about the last time because I just forget.
(sorry friends, but I forget a LOT)
If I'm too tired, I will usually bail on hanging out.

I'm a GOOD FRIEND because...

If you are my friend, I love you no matter what.
I try my hardest to be there if you need me. Whenever. Wherever.
I truly love seeing my friends succeed and be happy.
I will tell it like it is. No sugarcoating for me.
I love their kids like they are my own kids.

I'm SAD because...

My baby boy is growing up too fast.

My Mom might not be here as long as I want her to be (which is forever).
My goals aren't getting accomplished as fast as I had hoped for.
Some of my friends are struggling more than I know how to help them.
My house will never be as clean as I want it to be.
My wrinkles on my neck just keep getting deeper & deeper.
My little bro is gone for two years and I miss him TONS.

I'm HAPPY because...

I am truly lucky.
I had a chocolate macaroon for breakfast and I don't feel one ounce of guilt about it.
I get to wake up every morning and see my baby's face smiling back at me.
My husband loves me. To no end.

I got a screaming deal at and can't wait to open that package!
I'm finally content with the stretch marks I got from pregnancy. Those babies aren't going anywhere!
I have an amazing family and family-in-law who love our Baby just as much as we do.
I can sketch & paint any time I feel like it.

I actually MADE four things I pinned on Pinterest.

I am EXCITED because...

Christmas is coming! And our tree is already up! Go me!

My little baby is getting a "human" laugh.
I get to workout today!
I have ripe avocados just waiting for me to eat them.
I made a necklace that I am in love with!
Next year is going to be just as awesome as this one has been!

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed it. I would love you to link your blog up if you write a post about this. Or leave a comment with a "I'm BLANK because"... I love hearing about your weirdness too!

Happy BLANKing!

The Wife Pin It


  1. Cute post! It's fun to learn about other peoples quirks!

  2. Love it! If I had some ounce of me time then I would do it too, but any me time I get right now, I usually opt for a shower ;)

  3. That was awesome Jenna. Definetly great to get to know you moer and realize how much we have in common. Happy Holidays!

  4. i seriously enjoyed reading this post so much!
    i laughed at almost everything because we
    are soo much alike !

    i have OCD to the max so high five
    for that one hahaha :) you are amazing!

  5. Wow! So many fun facts about you! I had a hard time thinking of things too. The life of a mommy I guess! Thanks for sharing and thanks for checking me out too!


  6. Wow! So many fun facts about you! I had a hard time thinking of things too. The life of a mommy I guess! Thanks for sharing and thanks for checking me out too!



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