December 2, 2011

FFF (FashionFixFriday) : The Christmas Shopping Outfit

It's that time again...

Time for lots of crazy Christmas shoppers! Today, I will be one of them. Trying to sort through all the madness and people to try and get the best stuff possible for my loved ones (and hopefully, they'll return the favor :)

This is what I will be wearing while doing my spending..don't worry, I've got my game face on!

Jacket: Urban Outfitters//Striped Shirt: J.Crew//Jeans: Jolt @ Nordstrom//
Boots: Steve Madden//Necklace: Made by Me

Oh...and one of my little guy cause he'll be part of the shopping extravaganza too! 

Happy Shopping Everyone!

The Wife

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  1. Cute boots. I love that jacket, and the stripes, and the necklace! What did you buy today?

  2. Could you be any cuter?! Really! Love the outfit and love that boy!!!!! Have fun shopping!

  3. Love this whole outfit, especially those boots!


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