January 22, 2012

My Week: Via Instagram

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm just a TAD obsessed with taking pictures. More importantly, I'm a LOT obsessed with Instagram! I don't think I have had so much fun with one app in...well, ever!

So, today I'm linking up with my cute friend, Jenni from Story of My Life for the Best of Instagram!

1--The uber-talented Jenni (Story of My Life) made me a beautiful new button. Love it!
2--I got my highest score EVER on Temple Run (DON'T download that game..it is a complete time-waster)!
1--The pic says it all. Boredom at it's finest.
2--Playdate with Baby James (they are 4 days apart).
1--This day my day consisted of Flowers from the Hubby, a Horrible Dentist appt. (me trying to smile whilst numb), a very weird Sunny day and Davis on his new horse.
2--D loves chewing on Mama's fingers!
1--He holds his own bottle now! Yay! 
2--Date Night with my love. Sushi, Arcade Games (we might be a BIT competitive) and a great Night Out!
1--Davis & Mama time
2--Shopping with my Sista!

Have a great rest of the week!
Jenna, The Wife
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  1. I love taking pictures too! You can never have enough. The little guy is too cute!

  2. LOVE the pictures. I NEED an iPhone so that I can have instagram :)
    And arcade games on date night? Sounds SO fun!

  3. Sooo CUTE! I just love these pics and your new button. I'm going to find you (and follow you) on Instagram! :)


  4. Just found your blog:) Davis is too cute! And yes temple run is such a time waster but SO addicting!

  5. Love those flowers from your hubby!! You and your sister look exactly alike...so beautiful!~

  6. Cute pictures! Your baby is precious!!

    Having a link-up party myself, you should check it out! Love to hear your stories!

  7. ya'll are just the cutest family!! I've been obsessed with instagram, too... SUPER annoying to my friends when we're out and I make them stop to take pics constantly (although of COURSE they don't mind a bit when they look fab in it and I can send them a copy) ;) loving your blog, Lady!

  8. These pics are gorgeous. How do you do the instagram collages? Love them :-)

  9. haha, I love these! Looks like you're having so much fun!

  10. oh god
    he gets better by the minute

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  11. These are adorable! Your son is so cute.

  12. YOu and your sister look like twins! Gorgeous!! And sounds like a fun date night! Im sure you guys enjoyed teh time together!!

    The Magnolia Pair


  13. love all these pictures. you are too cute. i'm totally obsessed with taking pictures too. and i'm not ashamed. lol. so happy i'm following your blog. love it. stop by sometime. xo


  14. :) Love these.
    Look at your little boy's smile (Davis & Mama time)... Adorable!!!

  15. This is such a cute instagram post. And the boredom pics cracked me up. Very nice!

  16. love the pictures!

    you are so gorgeous!

  17. Sushi and arcade games sound like the PERFECT date night! So fun. :)

  18. Found your blog via the Blog Hop! I am a new follower. Your little boy and your blog are so cute :)

    Head over my way: www.chasingoursunshine.com
    XOXO Ginny


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