January 24, 2012

Sponsor Love

I am all about the love. Paying it forward, showing some gratitude, feeling some warm & fuzzies...all that jazz (sincere, no?). For REAL though, sometimes you need to spread the love. These girls are some of my most favorite people in the Blogosphere World, and you just HAVE to get to know them. 

Without further ado....I'll let them introduce themselves!

My Lovely Sponsors (Part 1)

First up...the gorgeous & super sweet...
Miss Lindsay from Lindsay Nicole

Hey There! So first a quick thanks to the awesome Jenna for having me on this Sponsor Swap. This is my first time so please go easy on me! My name is Lindsay, pleased to meet you!~ I'm from the good 'ol southern state of Georgia and am in love with life. I am extremely family oriented, graduated last year, landed and am working my first big girl job, am in my first apartment, and learning to live an awesome life on a budget. Whew. I know I know, alot to take in. But I would just LOVE the chance to meet you. You can find me at Lindsay Nicole where I put in a little bit of everything. Hope to see you soon!

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Next Up we have the hilarious and oh-so-darling... 
Miss Ashley from 5ohWifey

First things first, I am a Christian and amazed every day by what God is doing in my life. I am the wife of 5ohHubby who is a police officer and wonderful man (and no that's not mutually exclusive), stay at home mom to an amazing little girl (5ohBaby) and we have probably the cutest, ugly dog out there (5ohPup). I love to blog about faith, life as a police wife, parenting, mommy style and fashion, DIY projects and recipes. Come stop by and see what's going on in this 5ohFamily!

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Last (but obviously not least) up we have the seriously cute & one of my fellow Utah Bloggers...
Miss Stephanie from Stephanie & Such

Hi friends, I am Stephanie @Stephanie and Such! Jenna asked me to come on over and introduce myself and since she is the cutest thing ever (seriously), I had to take the opportunity! Let me introduce myself by saying a few random things things.
 I AM:
+ A lover of Diet Coke
+ From Spokane, Washington
+ A believer in taking (a lot ) of naps
+ The type of girl that ALWAYS has lip gloss on hand
+ The Queen of blind dates. I've only had ONE be successful (so far)
+ A college graduate from BYU-Idaho, who studied Elementary Education (best major EVER!)
 + and most importantly, I AM taking one day at a time in life right now. I am the type that usually has my life planned six months in advance, but have realized that plans change and that is just okay :) Just roll with it!

Now come visit me and introduce yourself!

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I hope you go give ALL of these girls some serious LOVE like you show me! They deserve it!

Jenna, The Wife
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  1. Yay for sponsors!

    I'm stopping by to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster award! Check it out over at my blog!


  2. Love Miss Stephanie, excited to go read about the other two, I'm sure they are just as amazing!


  3. i'm new to following your blog and am so excited to read more!! and of course to meet these ladies!


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