June 24, 2013

Davis' 2nd Birthday Party!

I had decided I wasn't going to do a big birthday party like we did for him last year. I am just so tired lately, and didn't feel like I had the energy to do it. But the more I thought about it, the worse I felt about skipping his 2nd Birthday party. So....we ended up throwing him a little impromptu birthday party last Thursday!
cute boy birthday party
His shirt is from Best Birthday Ever (I'm kinda obsessed with it!)

I'm so glad I decided to buck up and do it! It was totally worth it. I definitely didn't go all  out like I did for his "Mustache Bash" last year, but I HAVE to be ok with that...can't let my OCD take over, ya know! :)
boy birthday partyI kind of loved the way this last minute cake came out. Verrrry homemade looking, but hey - it was! I'm not Martha freakin' Stewart! It's White Texas Sheet Cake...kind of tastes like a sugar cookie. VERY sweet, but pretty easy to make!
fun birthday party

cute birthday party

birthday party ideasOpening presents was my favorite moment ever. He L O V E D it this year! He finally got the concept that they were all for him! We loved watching his face light up every time he ripped open a present. He was excited about EVERY single one of them. Melted my heart.
little boy birthday party

birthday party
This is the only stuffed animal he has EVER liked. Just because it's Elmo.
birthday party
ALL he wanted to do was stick his hand in the sprinkles on the cake, so I had to hold him back with all my strength. We were all trying to get him to blow out the candles, and he finally understood what he was supposed to do...blew them out like a champ!

birthday party

birthday partyTo say he liked the cake would be an understatement. He is my little cake monster! It's a total 180 from last year when he really didn't want any cake at all. Ha!
boys birthday party
toddler birthday party

birthday partyThe prego sisters (she's 33 weeks/me 19 weeks)! It's so fun to be prego together!!
She's gonna kill me for posting this pic - she had just worked a 12 hour nursing shift! 

birthday party
This pic of D trying to push my Mom on his car kills me!!
birthday party

birthday partyBest family shot we could get - D was OVER it by this point! Sugar high had about run out!

It really was SUCH a great party! D got so spoiled, and loved every minute of it!
We are so lucky to have this joyful, funny, sweet boy in our lives!
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  1. Sometimes simple parties are the best kind and this looks like the best :)

  2. Aww looks like Davis had a great time! He is so adorable! :) Also that sprinkle cake looks amazing! xoxo

  3. his shirt! I love it!! Call me crazy but I have already started coming up with ideas for baby Hart's 1st birthday.... I love simplicity :)

    and Texas sheet cake is to die for!

  4. aw, this looks like a blast and that cake? Yes please!


  5. Owww he looked so happy and excited ... until the end of the day caught up with him :) Happy 2nd Bday!


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