June 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to our TWO YEAR OLD!

happy birthday
This little impromptu photo sesh kills me. It's SO HIM. Messy face, hat on, observing everything around him, and making all kinds of faces. Thanks to my cousin Sara for the cute pics!

I know every Mom says this when their kids have birthdays...but I seriously can't believe I have a TWO-YEAR-OLD. His birthday is technically tomorrow, so I'm holding onto this last day of him being under two as long as I can.

I thought I'd do a "Davis Questionnaire" this year...so one day he can look back and see how dang cute he was. Not that that's going to be in jeopardy when he's older, though. His cuteness will last forever in my eyes.

Now, keep in mind, he's just 2...so some of these I kind of nudged him a wee bit. :)


Favorite Color - "Buuuuu!" Blue, obviously. Ha.

Favorite Song - "Honey Honey" The 'Honey Honey Song' from Winnie the Pooh Movie

Favorite Thing That He Can't Go Anywhere Without - "Bankie". He doesn't go anywhere without his green blankie. It smells all the time and gets soooooo dirty, even if I wash it EVERY day. But he loves it!

Favorite Person - Ok, technically he said "Dada" to this..but I'm also in charge of this questionnaire, so I say me. Kidding kidding. He likes anyone that gives him attention, really.

Favorite Game - "Hide Hide Hide!" He just started getting into hide and seek. He runs and "hides" from me and I "seek" him. Mostly this happens when I say he needs a bum change, though. ;) My favorite part? Him saying "here I am" when I say "where are you?!"

Favorite Food - "Cherries" and then he said "an Rappberries." This kid LOVES his fruit. I'll totally take it.

Cars or Choo-Choo Trains? "Choo Choos"

Favorite Toy - "Push da mowa" Pushing his lawn mower outside. Yup. I thought he might say that. Oh how he loves it, so.

Favorite TV Show - "Bubba Guppies." Bubble Guppies FTW. It's about the ONLY show he will watch - so you know I've seen every episode about 100 times.

Favorite Animal Noise to Make - "Raaaaaawrrrrr!!!!" I think that's "Davis lingo" for - lion.

Phrases He Says That Melt My Heart - **see if you can decipher some of these**
"Here ya go"
"Mama/Dada come too"
"Big one, yiddle one"
"Mama take a pictcha"
"Go Bye Bye inda Cah"
"I Wuv You"
"Mama/Dada, give huggies"
"Thanks, boo boo"
"Hooo man iz hot"

Pretty much, anything that comes out of his mouth at this point I think is adorable. I love this phase of really starting to pick up his language and forming sentences. He amazes me with the things he can repeat/say/pick up!!

We love you D, and can't WAIT to see what this next year brings! You are going to be such a great Big Bro to your little sis! You seriously light up our lives and everyone around you. You make us happy when we are sad. You remind us to stop and enjoy the moment. You help us have way more fun than we ever would. You give us JOY on a daily basis.

We are the lucky ones for sure.


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  1. Happy Birthday to Davis! June 20th birthdays are the best, my birthday is also tomorrow ;)

    I'm totally late to the bandwagon and just started reading your blog! I lovelovelove it so far, just thought you should know :)

  2. These pictures are absolutely priceless! What a wonderful scrapbook this blog is for you and for D! Love you both!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet guy! Love that he wants you to take pitchas :)

  4. Happy Birthday Davis! Wish you all were coming to Cali with us. We could have a birthday party on the beach.

  5. Aw, he's a sweetie! Glad he had a great birthday! :D

  6. Happy birthday to your little guy! It was my son's 2nd birthday on the 12th, and I'm also expecting baby #2 - a girl! - in the fall. Congrats!


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