August 14, 2013

10 {Tried & True} Toddler Activities

Toddler Activities

One of the things I love most about being a Mom is watching my little man learn new things. I love seeing his face light up as he figures something out, or discovers something new he loves to do. I want him to be constantly learning...but at the same time...hopefully be having some FUN while he's learning! I mean, at 2 years old, what else is there but to have FUN!?

I thought I would share some Tried & True Activities that we have actually done together, and LOVED. Sometimes, it's nice to know that all those activities you see on Pinterest or the internet actually work for toddlers...and are fun!

Lets face it, we Mamas can ALWAYS use some lets-keep-them-busy-as-long-as-possible activities, right?!

{ONE} Do-A-Dot Dobbers & Activity Books 
These are just like those Bingo Dobbers (that I always loved for some reason). D seriously can't get enough. They are a wee bit pricey ($15 on Amazon or at Michaels) but they have lasted a good, long time...and you can't beat 25 minutes of PURE painting time! You can also buy these books (D loves the Truck ones, of course) that go with them. This one is a MUST for keeping those little hands busy!

{TWO} Busy Board 
This one I made. It was pretty easy. I just bought a thick circle board of wood from Home Depot, painted it with chalk paint, and had my hubby attach all of the little knobs, hardware, etc. It took about 2 hours (with letting the paint dry). He loves it and is constantly figuring out how to do new things on it. Actually, as I'm writing this, he is over in the corner playing with it. Ha.

Here are a couple more awesome Busy Boards I've seen floating around:
{1} {2} {3}

{THREE} Cardboard Drop Box 
We made one of these a while ago, and it was so much fun watching him try and figure out where things went. I need to make another one - I think I might have thrown it out in my crazy nesting phase I'm in right now.

This one is pretty sweet if you want some ideas!

{FOUR} Color Sorting 
This one is always a fun activity. You can color sort with ANYTHING you have laying around the house. Marbles, playdough, little cars or trucks, crayons, whatever. I just bought 5 small colored buckets from Target, give him a big box of colored things, and let him go to town. It is great for teaching colors (or reinforcing them) and for helping them develop their fine motor skills. 

Some more Color Sorting Ideas:
{1} {2} {3}

{FIVE} Sensory Boxes 
We will never get tired of these. Just a bin, some rocks or sand, some cars/trucks/animals/small dolls, etc...and you are GOOD TO GO for at least 30 minutes of fun.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for Sensory Boxes that we've tried:
{1} {2} {3}

{SIX} Magnetic Oil-Pan Board

I'm sure you've seen this everywhere. I made one, and D loves it. I just bought it from Wal-Mart (for $11), stuck a bunch of animal magnets, alphabet cards, alphabet & number magnets on it, and let him explore.

Like this one

{SEVEN} Smashing Cotton Balls

This is such a fun, easy activity. You just need cotton balls, flour, water, food coloring & a hammer. D loved smashing these like crazy! It's a bit messy - but oh-so-fun!!

See full instructions HERE.

{EIGHT} Mess-Free Finger Painting 
We did this a while back and I keep meaning to do it again, it was such a hit. I loved the mess free part (cause every once in a while I don't want to clean up a mess!). 

Instructions HERE.

{NINE} Make a Music Box 
I dunno about your little, but mine loves to dance and make music. So we got him a bunch of musical instruments, put them in a box, turn on the music and let him go crazy. We have sooooo much fun doing dance parties! 

I love this one from Tinkerlab. Or you can buy this one from Melissa & Doug all ready to go.


I made this with him when he was super little, like around one. We STILL have the same big bucket of cloud dough in our pantry. I pull it out when we need a good, fun, messy playtime activity. He loves it. I put measuring cups, trucks, spoons, etc. in there and just let him get all kinds of messy! Such a good activity for littles!!

Get the recipe HERE.

What awesome activities you love to do with your toddler? Leave a link in the comments & share the love!! :)

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  1. I love this post! I am going to save it in my back pocket for a few years from now when I have toddlers! (or borrow my friend's kids and use it sooner!)

  2. That lock board thing is genius! My son would be entertained with that for quite a while I'm sure. Thanks for the ideas!


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