August 9, 2013

Friday's Letters

Who remembers that weird show where that guy with the curly hair wore a suit like this? Dang I can't think of the name..but that's TOTALLY what I thought of when my hubby decided to wear this gem on his race. Yikes-a-bee.

Dear Hubby, Good luck on your 2-Day race...I know you're gonna rock the shiz out of your runs! Especially wearing your crazy outfit. Oh man. This image is burned in my head forever. But you make me laugh. Dear Baby Girl, Thank You for kicking me and letting me know you're still in there. It's soooo reassuring after a day of no moving. Dear Couch, Thank you for being so comfy... I am so tired, and you are such a nice resting place for me. Dear 27 Week Bump, Oh hey there. You sure popped out on me, didn't ya? Well, welcome...I guess you're here to stay. Dear H&M, Um YAY for you finally getting into the online shopping game! And THANKS for having such awesome maternity pants. Ya fit me like a glove. Dear Insomnia, You can go away. Really, though. It's a good thing I have my DVR to record all of my shows  (Big Brother, Interior Therapy, Project Runway) while I try (and fail) to fall asleep. And Pinterest. And The Internet. Good gravy what would I do without technology right now!?

Linking up w/ Ashley from The Sweet Season for her Friday's Letters, of course.
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  1. That is a very intriguing outfit ha ha! Good luck to your husband on his race!!
    It's always so fun when baby bumps turn into big bumps! :D I sort of miss it, sort of.. ha ha!

  2. Slim Goodbody was his name...GROSS AND CREEPY LOL!!!!

  3. Baby Russum has lazy days too. Like a random day every two weeks or so where s/he hardly moves. Lazy! :) It makes me feel better that you have insomnia because I thought I got it early! But sorry that we both have it! You can always text me at 2am!

  4. Where did he find that amazing outfit? I might need one myself!!!


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