August 26, 2013

Davis' Two(ish) Year Pics

It seriously is true what they say about time flying when you have a kid. It feels like yesterday we were just taking his Eighteen Month Pics. I started looking through those ones after we took these new ones yesterday. He looks SO LITTLE compared to now. I just can't believe it was only like eight months ago.

My MIL is nice enough to get these pics taken for us. Otherwise, I'd probably only do it once in a blue moon. But she just loves him so much & wants to capture him in all his cuteness waaaay more often than I would (professionally, anyway). Pictures just stress me out too much.

But they're totally worth it in the I can't complain.

I'm kinda biased, but they turned out SO FRIGGIN' ADORABLE. I just love this kid of mine.

cute toddler pics cute toddler pics cute toddler pics cute toddler pics cute toddler picscute toddler pics
These two KILL me. I see those two faces more than any other. They are SO DAVIS.
cute toddler pics cute toddler pics
Ty wants to use this "leg kick" one for future blackmail. I think it's pretty dang adorable. He thought his Papa was behind the door and kept saying, "Papa where are you? Come out!"
cute toddler pics cute toddler pics
cute toddler pics
We did NOT know we were going to be in any needless to say my outfit & Ty's outfit aren't the best. Ha Ty's running shoes in this pic are too funny to me.
cute toddler pics

I just love this happy, super funny, crazy, car-loving, fruit-obsessed, sweet sweet little boy of mine!! He is going to be the BEST BIG BROTHER ever.
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  1. He's SO beautiful!! what a great batch of pictures!

  2. Wow! Can you say model baby...eeerrrrr toddler!? He's so adorable!


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