September 2, 2013

The Top Ten Cutest Shops for Babies & Toddlers

When we found out we were having a girl...I was super freakin' excited! I finally get to dress a little girl! Not that boys clothes aren't cute too (they are really stepping it up actually)..but who are we kidding? Girls are so much more fun to shop for.

But I had no idea where to start shopping, so....

A couple of weeks ago, I posed a question to my awesome Instagram followers: What shops do they love for their littles? These were BY FAR the top winners! These happen to be some of the cutest, most undeniably hard to stay away from shops (I can attest to that - since I've spent my fair share of money at each of these shops!).

So...don't say I didn't warn might spend ALL of your Labor Day Shopping Budget after you read this list!!

Don't worry - this list is for Boys, Girls, Toddlers & Babies! So getcha bums in gear & go do some much needed shopping - you know you want to!

cute baby shops

Candy Kirby is one of my fave shops - probably ever. She has the most amazing prints for blankets, pillows, leggings, etc! I pretty much based my whole nursery off her Ikat Blanket. I'll be buying the boppy cover to match as soon as it's available!

Jennifer Ann - oh where do I start?! I just L O V E her & her adorable shop!! I knew her through blogging before she opened her cute store. Little did I know how successful & awesome her shop would become! I think I have six or seven of her bows..and I'm not planning to stop there. I mean - personalized baby leggings?!!! I die.

A Little Lady Shop has some of the cutest bows for little girls at great prices! Plus she is seriously a joy to work with...and orders come super fast!

Salt City has theeeee best fitting leggings & beanies for littles. Jen happens to be SUPER DUPER sweet in person, too. I love her & her amazing shop!!

Little Hip Squeaks - has just about everything you could want under the sun for your babe/toddler. Leggings, beanies, headbands, shorts...and she just launched a line of super adorable tunic dresses! Swwwwoooooon!

Freshly Picked is obviously the GO TO for moccasins. And not just any moccasins, but the BEST moccasins you can get. In every color you can imagine. 
Did I mention she has moccasins? 
Moccasins. :)

Hello Apparel is one of my personal faves. I have three of their "Hello" sweaters. But they have the cutest leggings, onesies & T's for your little boys & girls, too. Your little will be so stylin' with anything from their shop!
Dot Dot Smile has some of the funkiest leggings - in a really cool way - that you just want to buy all of them! I mean, you can never have too many leggings, right?!

Cozette Couture is amaaaazing. If you want the girliest stuff ever - look no further. Suzette knows how to dress your littles!  Her products are SO GREAT for photoshoots, weddings, dances, birthdays, etc! They are definitely show-stopping pieces!!!

Faas Design has got some GOR-GEOUS moccasins, y'all. I mean gorgeous. I seriously want to buy ALL of them!! She has a ton more amazing products, too...but the moccasins make me all kinds of giddy inside!! 

 What shops would YOU ADD to this list!? 

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