April 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, You couldn't have come fast enough. It has been quite the week.

Dear Eye Contacts, Why must you get so dry and make me blink all funny until the checker at Target has to ask me if I'm ok?

Dear Easter Weekend, I am excited for you this year! Let the food, family fun, love, and knock-down-drag-out-adult-Easter-Egg-Hunt begin!

Dear Easter Candy, I am NOT excited to see the effects you have taken on my behind--she says as she eats another Cadbury Egg :)

Dear Baby D, You make me laugh everyday. EVERYday. You are the definition of my happiness.

Dear Readers/Followers, THANK YOU for your support about this post. I knew y'all would have my back! Love EACH of you for that.

Dear Snow (That Fell This Morning), WHAT THE EFF? Why would you choose today of all days to snow on my parade? Don't you know it's Family Pic day?! Now I definitely can't wear Option 1 (which was the clear winner BTW).

Dear Summer, If you could come quickly and kick snow's ugly butt, that would be just fine with me. 

Dear Spring Cleaning Checklist, You seem to be growing bigger each day for some reason..but I WILL conquer you...oh yes..I will.

Linking up with cute Ashley !

Happy Easter Weekend, Peeps (pun intended)!!
Jenna, The Wife
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  1. my sister has the problem with the contacts and i always think she's flirting with me or trying to tell me something... but she's not. and i'm always disappointed. i think its time i contribute to her laser surgery funds!

    happy easter weekend to you and your chickadees!

  2. Thanks for stopping by!! I live in Florida and it is already hot has Haiti's !!!


    PS Happy Easter!!

  3. Hahha I can totally relate to the "Dear Contacts"
    Seriously people think I am crying half the time because of my stupid contacts!

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend, girl :)

  4. I'm excited for Easter too, have a wonderful weekend :-)

  5. What time are your pictures? The snow is supposed to clear away and be sunny this afternoon!

  6. After your spring cleaning is conquered come conquer my house would ya! Have a great Easter!

  7. Cute letters! I cannot believe it snowed.


  8. I've been having eye issues lately due to allergies. They are always dry, red, itchy, etc. I think I need to wear a sign around my neck that says, "I'm not high, I swear."

    Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Easter!

  9. Aren't baby boys the best? They LOVE their mommas!

    You're gonna look FLY for the pictures. Outfit 2 was adorable! Don't you worry, girl!

    Have a great weekend!

    Meg ;)

  10. Haha I love your letter to your contacts. I had them for a while, and they made me do the same thing!

  11. I personally loved outfit two! Ps, you and your baby are just the cutest, i love the way you describe your relationship all the time! pps-easter is a holiday which means FREE CALORIES, you eat those mini eggs1

  12. I completely understand your contact issue. I personally took my contacts out and haven't put them back in over 2 weeks because they were bugging me so bad. it could be that I am just a horrible contact person lol anyways hope you have a great day/weekend!!


  13. Oh man, I hope the snow goes away quickly for you!

  14. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    I have the SAME problem with my contacts. My eyes are so dry, I had to get plugs put in my tear ducts to keep them from draining too fast (weird, I know).
    If I were you, to console myself regarding the nastiness of snow, I would eat several more pieces of Easter candy. :)

    Happy Friday!
    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  15. i am so happy you found me on twitter cause i have been thoroughly blog stalking you and i love it! can't wait to read more, and i too am eating cadburry eggs !

  16. Contacts are generally evil. As is the spring cleaning list. Mine never is finished.

  17. Bahaha!!! My contacts have done the same thing at Target. It's obnoxious. And the SNOW SUCKS. I didn't even want to go to school this morning because I was so upset about it.

  18. I just posted on Facebook how happy I am to be going home from work soon to get my contacts out! I really don't like wearing glasses, but my contacts have been driving me crazy!

  19. Snow?? Crazy! Hope y'all have a very happy Easter!

  20. Love this link-up! The snow threw me off too! It feels like summer in FL!

    I am a new follower, love the blog!

    -Alexis :)


  21. happy easter! have a great weekend!

  22. i am having serious issues with my contacts, too! the pollen makes them so itchy and dry, it's terrible. im working on getting some new glasses so i can give them a break!

    and i feel ya on the spring cleaning list... mine is getting ridiculous...

  23. Happy Easter! I made my husband hide the Easter candy. Somewhere really hard to find.

  24. I feel ya on the Easter candy!! We try to keep it out of the house!! :)

  25. My contacts do that to me too... My husband always thinks I'm crying for no reason!


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