September 18, 2012

Me, Myself & I

 Confession - I had totally planned on writing this little ditty last night. But then...I got consumed with watching this show called Revolution (quite an interesting concept - and possibly a post-worthy show later on). And I got consumed with a football game. I know. Me. But I was hanging with my hubby on the couch and I just REALLY didn't want to get up and go write a blog post. SO forgive me for being late to the party when I'm a HOST. Purrrty please? :) we go.

When you're feeling down, what do you do to pick yourself up?

Ohhhh...lots of things! I wrote a whole post on how I keep myself happy when I get feelin' like the world is against me. Lately, I've been running/working out to make me feel better. Not only about myself, but it's a great stress reliever. I told you last week I was going to try and get my lazy butt off the couch - and I AM! :) 

If you had to live in a different time period which would you prefer?

I would definitely live in the flapper era (whichever era that was- 20's/30's? Yes..I could look it up..but I'm not gonna). I just love their outfits & their classy parties and all that jazz. Yes, I am aware there was  a Great Depression during that time and wars..but I like to picture it being like The Great Gatsby in my head. Beautiful people. Beautiful Clothes. And a MUCH simpler time. 
P.S. - WHO is excited for the NEW Great Gatsby movie? I love me some Leo! 

What is the most creative Halloween costume you've ever worn?

Every year I think I'm going to get SO CREATIVE and make a cool, unique costume. And then two days before Halloween, I always end up running my butt to the store, and picking out whatever crappy costume is leftover. My hubby, however, is quite the creative genius. Two years ago, he was "THE SECOND AMENDMENT" and boy did he think he was clever. He MADE (I mean, hand sewed and everything) "Bear Arms" and wore them. Get it? It took me a while too.... :)
Ohhhh ya...he made those babies!!

Five weird things about you we wouldn't know without being told?

1--Sometimes I'm too lazy to remove my old nail polish, and I'll just paint over it with a new color. 
2--I always run up my basement stairs like someone is chasing me with a knife. 
3--I will pick out ALL the marshmallows in Lucky Charms and make an entire bowl of them....and throw the cereal puff parts away. Complete waste (I mean to put cereal puffs in there when you KNOW I'm only going to eat the Marshmallows! I'm talking to YOU Lucky Charms Guys).
4--I like to have my cake and eat it too. ;)
5--I saw the sign..and it opened up my eyes..I saw the sign.
(Guys..I dunno..I ran out of weird things today) 

What would you tell your 16-year-old self?

Ha. Funny this question came up this month. I JUST got done reading an entire journal I wrote in High School. I was shocked at myself. I was obsessed with boys. I talked about them NON-STOP in that thing. I think I mentioned my family & friends a couple of times maybe. I kind of, sort of, remember loving boys back then...but oh man..not to that extent. I mean...I had a LIST of all the boys I kissed/made out with..and then I RATED the kisses. Sheesh, Jenna!
 (maybe next week I'll show you guys an excerpt from it - you will get a good 'ol laugh I promise). 

I would just tell myself to RELAX on the boy stuff. Enjoy being young & having NO responsibilities. Stop worrying about what everyone thinks about you (wouldn't that be great?). Be NICE to everyone (I was not the nicest person in high school). ENJOY your time there. It only happens once.
I probably wouldn't listen to myself back then anyway. I was a stubborn one. 


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  1. Following you now, love this link up!


  2. Surely you know that there IS a Lucky Charms that is ONLY marshmallows?! Or atleast there was at one point...maybe it was limited edition. Maybe not. Google it! :)

  3. Haha. running up the stairs! I do the same thing! Well, ya never know!!

  4. Haha this was awesome!! I was in a musical in high school called flapper. I was Trixie the "night club entertainer" ha
    Now I want lucky charms....
    Oh gosh that's funny about rating kisses!! I talked about boys a lot too but then I only 3 boyfriends my whole life so I was sorta more hopeless romantic lol

  5. New follower thanks to this lovely party!
    I would also choose to live in that era, assuming I would attending Gatsby's parties that is. I'm so excited for that movie! Love me some Leo!

  6. Revolution hooked my husband and me last night too. I was watching the voice and then that show came and we just couldn't change the channel.

    I love these types of posts where you get to know the blogger better.

  7. My husband got sucked into that Revolution show last night too but I went to bed like 20 minutes in because I'm 75 years old :). Great post, it's great to learn more about you!

  8. Oooh! I like this little link up! I wish I'd seen it earlier but I'm going to make sure I remember to participate next week! Or, whenever you have it again :)

    - Kendra |

  9. I love the bear arms. I love witty costumes like that. I once saw someone dressed up in blue felt with clouds and they had a spray bottle. Cloudy with a chance of rain.

    And I also run up the stairs from basements like someone is chasing me. I also sometimes jump on my bed and make sure all my limbs are under the blanket so the monsters under the bed can't get me. Ha!

  10. i am so excited about the great gatsby cannot wait. but then realised i will have a baby and baby and newborn baby not the best mix. maybe i will have to wait for the dvd.

    but there are so many good films coming out so excited!

    and i like to have my cake and eat it too. is that just being a girl? ;)

  11. so so so beyond excited for the new Great Gatsby movie - it's one of my all time favs.

  12. Following from the link party!

  13. LOVE the 2nd Amendment costume. So clever!

    I'm super excited about The Great Gatsby too! I really like Baz Luhrmann's other work and I'm excited to see how they translate this to the screen.

  14. Nice to meet you! Linking up for Me, Myself and I and I look forward to following your blog! :)

  15. I'm laughing at all of this, especially your husband's costume and your fifth answer to question #4. :)

  16. This was awesome. I have a date with the hubby to watch Revolution tonight. :) I can't wait for Great Gatsby either!

  17. We watched Revolution on line and I think it will be our new show of the season - really how would we survive without electricity! We totally made a pact that if anything like that ever happened that we would meet at our house...and I just painted over my toe nail polish yesterday rather than remove it ;)

  18. Oh yes, the 1920/30s are one of my faves too! Found you through the MMI link party. Stop by and say hello if you'd like!

  19. did you love the show revolution?? I'm already addicted & i can't wait to watch it next week! i saw the previews last week and have been so anxious to watch it!

  20. new follower via the linkup! i'm right there with you on the time period! gatsby-era is such a lovely though! can't wait to start following along :)


  21. New follower! Literally laughed out loud at your basement stairs comment lol I'm the same way! Can't wait to read more :)


  22. Stopping by to say hi from the link up. I giggled when I read about the basement steps because I do it too and laugh every time thinking if someone could see me... :)

    I look forward to getting to know you by following your blog!

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  23. Dropped in from the link-up to say hi and I'm following you now! I love the bear arms. He does look very pleased with himself!!


  24. I also feel so lazy in removing nail polish so yea..sometimes I apply another color on top of it. thing is, I'm making it much worse so in the end though, I still clean my nails and start again with a new color..hehe!
    new follower here! :)


  25. Im your new follower. You have a nice blog.Come visit my blog and say hi.

  26. Umm I think we may have been the same person in high school. I was obsessed with boys, too! And I totally have a similar list :)

    And that costume is amazing!!! Why can't I ever be that creative!?

  27. Haha, what a fun read! I loved the last one..I did that recently too and I was appalled by how much I obsessed over boys...goodness gracious.

    Anyways, I just realized I haven't been following you even though I've been reading your blog for a while now!!! What the what!?! Sorry about that. Totally corrected it :)

  28. mmmmmmmm Lucky Charms!

    Very creative costume idea. :-)

  29. LOL you made me giggle with the lucky charms, the funny face and your journal.
    I love your blog I am definitely following you.

  30. Stopping by from the Creating Community hop. I have added your blog to my WordPress reader, looking forward to receiving your posts when published.
    Sarah @ Alderberry Hill

  31. I always run up the stairs! I hate it when someone is walking behind me on the stairs. It totally freaks me out. Basements are the WORST!

  32. Bear Arms. He's a funny guy! Ha. I need to find some of my old journals. No telling what craziness is off in those things!

  33. haha you and me both on running up the stairs like someone is chasing me! my husband makes fun of me every time he witnesses it!! thanks for the laugh!


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