December 17, 2012

OH CHRISTMAS TREE {Link-Up & Contest}

Today is the day!! Ginny and I are SO EXCITED to see all of your gorgeous trees!!

This year my Christmas Tree has been a little bit of a drama queen. Ok..maybe it's ME that's been bringing it. I can't help it.

When we put up the tree right after Thanksgiving, I was so excited!! Mainly because it's Davis' first year of really being able to talk/make noises/start to understand about Christmas. Ty put the tree up like a champ, no big deal. Then it was my turn to decorate the crap outta that tree. I keep all my decorations for Christmas in 3 big red bins (labeled Christmas, obviously)..and I'm super OCD about making sure I know right where they are in the basement.

Well, I ended up only having 2 out of the 3 boxes. And that one missing box had ALL of my Tree Decorations in it. Annoyance turned into panic then to anger then to sadness then to MORE annoyance and confusion. I was being a BIT dramatic, I will give my hubby that. has taken me THREE YEARS to get all of the decorations I wanted for the tree. It looked almost perfect last year.

And now they were all GONE. POOF. Like a naughty little Elf had come and stolen them. Dang you.

So, I had to take a trip to Target and spend money I didn't really want to/plan for (which made me all the more annoyed) and get ALL NEW DECORATIONS. You think that'd be fun. But I was so bugged at the whole situation, that I was in no mood to be happily shopping for Christmas stuff. Nope.

ANYhoo...when I got home, I started decorating the tree. Slowly, but surely, my bad mood started to melt. I started thinking about all the memories I had made decorating the tree with my Mom and sisters over the years. How many nights I had sat in front of our tree and just STARED in awe at how beautiful it was, and more Christmas makes me FEEL. Pure joy.

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And I looked at D, and his face started to glow too. He helped me put ornaments on (and obviously couldn't resist taking some off too - saying "BALL! BALL!") and I could see how happy this was making him. That's what it's about, this season--making memories and the feeling that Christmas brings. 

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So even though my tree isn't "perfect" this year...I still love it. And my family and I still get to sit in front of it and just stare. That is THE best.

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I love me some sparkly ornaments!

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My favorite ornament this year.

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Bright paper packages tied up with string!

Christmas Tree
I spy a little mommy's helper finishing up the tree!

So, I'm so happy I get to see all of YOUR trees & all the decorations you lovingly (or hastily) put on your tree. Whether it's a BIG, small, short or miniature's still a tree! And its yours!!

So, the rules (more like guidelines) are simple:
1. Follow along with our blogs if you wish!
2. MAKE SURE you link up your Christmas Tree posts below & GRAB A BUTTON!
3. Don't forget to visit the shops that are so generously giving the winner some amazing prizes and show them some love:
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4. Most importanly, HAVE FUN, hop around to see everyone's trees + spread the word. 


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  1. Ummmm adore this! I happened to buy my christmas tree this weekend!! what a fabulous idea!! so excited to be a part of it!!

  2. I loooove the "D" ornament too! {We are also "D" people.} :)

  3. Your tree is gorgeous! The D is perfect & so cute!!! Also, I love the name Davis! :)

  4. Very pretty! I had an oprnament scare as well but I luckily found them. I hope you do as well. I wanted to link up but my tree has been up since Thanksgiving weekend and I blogged about it on Cyber Monday so I didn't want to repost.

  5. I am so glad you did this link up!! I love seeing everyone's Christmas trees :D

  6. your tree looks fantastic! I hate spending money on things I already have and I cant find them! THE WORST! but hey, it looks fantastic, and now you have new ornaments to last for years to come!

  7. YAY!!!! This is so fun!!! Thanks for doing this Jenna and Ginny:) xoxoxo Hanna MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  8. your tree looks gorg! i can't participate because we don't have one yet, HAHA! i didn't want to get one, and then go out of town and then come back with a dead tree, ya know?! ;)


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