July 29, 2013

A "Honey-Do" Weekend

Do you ever write lists for your hubby? I do. And I really put him to work this weekend...but he took it like a champ...and he got it all done! Love him for being patient with me!

Don't worry...I didn't just sit on my butt while he worked. I worked my pregnant booty off too! But...verrrry carefully. It just takes me a lot longer to do anything, now! 

We are in the process of trying to finish our basement, converting D's bedroom into a "Big Boy Room", cleaning out closets, organizing, doing little DIY projects, and turning our guest bedroom into a nursery for Baby Girl (no name yet - but THANK YOU for all the suggestions...we are working on it!!).

Lots to do around these parts. We still have a ways to go...but it's coming along! Just 3 months and counting until Baby Girl gets here! EEEEEEK!

{BABY GIRL'S ROOM - Sneak Peak}
cute girl nursery

We painted it...PINK! Which I SWORE up and down I would never do if I had a girl. But I couldn't find a good neutral color I liked..and I just fell in love with it. So sue me. A pink girls room - I know - suuuuuper original, eh? Hehe.

cute girl nursery

cute girl nursery

One wall I'm painting with dark grey chalk paint. It's not finished yet (it needs a lot of coats)...but I pretty much L O V E it so far!!

cute girl nursery

Davis is such a good helper...really...he colors on the newly painted walls with his crayons and everything! ;) Gotta love a two year old!

I finished my "Project Yarn Lamp" (that's the official name dontcha know?) and I love it too! I spray painted an old lamp gold, and then wrapped..and wrapped..and wrapped pink yarn around the lampshade.

Ya ya I know, more pink! I promise there will be other colors in there when it's done! 

cute girl nursery

I spent the majority of my Sunday cleaning out the Guest Bedroom closet (now the nursery closet). That was our Winter/Summer clothes closet...so I had to give away about 7 bags of clothes to GoodWill. I mean...SEVEN BAGS of our old clothes. It feels so dang good to CLEAN!

There's still half of the closet filled with my clothes (which will soon be in our finished basement)..but it's a start. At least I can hang up some of her clothes now! YAY!

She's gonna take after her Mom and fill that closet up quick..I can just tell!

{DAVIS' BIG BOY ROOM - Sneak Peek}
cute girl nursery

cute girl nursery

Ty spent his Sunday putting together D's new bed. Good man! We still need to repaint, reorganize, get some new accessories, a night stand, etc...but it's coming along!

He just loves sleeping in his new bed - and sleeps in there like a champ - I am so so soooooo grateful for that! He has only climbed out twice!! Gotta give him big props for that!

cute girl nursery

Then, I spent the rest of my weekend cleaning, organizing and giving away lots and lots of clothes & accessories that I don't want anymore. I had to take a pic of all the bags we filled up. YAY FOR ORGANIZING!!!! Makes my heart so happy. I'm weird, I know.

We are getting there....and I will do a post when everything is all done!!


Samantha from Busy Sweet Life!

Congrats Samantha!!
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  1. I love the chalk wall its so fun! NOt to mention that the davis name sign in d's room is great!! cleaning out any closet is always so much work!! you go girl!

  2. So many cute things I dont even know where to start! First of all, love the chalkboard wall... it'll be so fun for her in years to come and those clothes signs!!!!!! Ahh! And Davis' big boy room... all sooooo cute, I love your style!

  3. LOVE it all! SO great, Love D's name among the trees!

  4. Jenna, I love both of the rooms so far! So cute!

  5. I love that shade of pink, it's not too overbearing - it's perfect! I also LOVE that you are painting one wall with chalk paint!! The rooms are so cute!

  6. I write lists for my man to do every weekend! Poor thing thats the fun of renovating :)
    The room looks great, its not a girly pinky pink its pretty neatral. Cant wait to see you decorate some more.

  7. I love being able to clean out my wardrobe as it leaves me feeling de-cluttered and I know they are going to a worthy cause :)

  8. Thank you again! I can't wait to pick something out! i'll definitely let you know what I choose!

    ♥ Samantha

  9. There is just something about pink in a little girls room that speaks to all of us. No matter who we are! Love it and the rest of the house and the cleaning! Been doing lots of that ourselves!


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